As AZ Dance Med continues to grow, we get a lot of messages with people wondering if we can help them with their particular situation.  (The short answer is YES!  But…)  While we will continue to answer any questions we receive about our services, we’ve got a list of some of the more frequent questions and situations that we get asked about.  So if any of these sound like you, scroll down and take a peek, then make an appointment so we can get you back on your feet!


Something hurts, pops, snaps, or locks up

Recent injury (less than 90 days)

Old injury (more than 90 days)

Struggling with flexibility

You were told to “rest” or “take a break”

You’re not a dancer, but wonder if AZDM can help you

Looking for a dance coach

Nothing you’ve tried has helped


Things that hurt, pop, snap, or lock up.  Hips, shoulders, knees, ankles, backs.  If you’ve got a symptom that isn’t going away and it’s affecting your dancing or performance, make an appointment.   : )  (Even if it’s not affecting your performance, still come see us.)

New or old symptoms.  It doesn’t matter if your symptoms started today or 20 years ago.  If you’re still struggling them, there’s something there that when you let us find it can likely lead to lasting relief.  Just come in and let us check it out and help you!!!

Struggling with flexibility.  AZ Dance Med is famous for our #NOSTRETCHZONE when it comes to flexibility training.  So if you’re struggling with tight hamstrings, splits, low arabesque, deepening your plie, or any other type of restriction and it’s not improving with stretching, then stretching is likely NOT the answer.  Let us find out what’s really holding back your flexibility and get you the results you want.  Come see us now!

You were told to “rest” or “take a break.”  Let the experts in dance injuries make that call.  The majority of our clients can continue to dance while working with us.  In fact, we want them to.  That’s what lets us know what we are doing is working.  Symptom free dancing as soon as safely possible is our mission, so come see us and let us guide you toward dancing safely.

You don’t have to be a dancer. While we specialize in treating dance related injuries and performance enhancement for dancers, we also specialize in treating most common orthopedic conditions.  So if you have one of these and want FAST RESULTS, come see us!



Looking for a dance coach.  Not injured but looking to improve your dance technique? Yes, AZDM can help! We offer private dance coaching sessions to provide a detailed breakdown of how your body is working and guide your toward higher jumps, more turns, better balance, whatever you want to make yourself the best dancer you can be!

Nothing else is working.   You’ve tried traditional physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractors, injections, surgery, medication, meditation, and a sacrificial offering to the dance gods…and you’re still not healed and you don’t know what to do.  AZDM is a haven for those who have not found relief elsewhere.  Most of our clients feel better after their FIRST VISIT!  So if you’re wondering if there’s still hope for you, the answer is yes!!! Make an appointment and let us show you. 


Here’s some other FAQs we get about our services:

How long is the full course of treatment?  Our magic number is 8 sessions (obviously, haha).  That’s where we have found most of our clients to be successful.  All one-on-one and completely private.  This ensures full recovery from your symptoms and return to activity without difficulty, along with coaching and tips to get performing better than you were when you started treatment : )

How often should you make appointments?  We like to keep our clients dancing, so most of them see us once every 1-2 weeks.  As they get better, they keep a monthly appointment to make sure things stay good and their technique and performance continues to improve.

Do you offer workshops or other services?  YES!  Check out our offerings on our Education and Community Services page, including our DanceWell Certification Program for dance professionals!

So to sum it up…YES! We can help you with just about any pain, strain, or difficulty you’re having with dance or pretty much any other activity.  But we can’t help you until you come see us!  Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION so we can put you on track to performing your best!

Other questions?  Contact us a, call at 602.730.4159 or message us at or 

See you soon!!

Dr. Alexis Sams, PT

Owner, AZ Dance Medicine Specialists