Conditioning for Dance


Platinum Performance

Do you have a stubborn pain that isn’t going away? Can’t get past 3 pirouettes? Want to jump higher?

Our Platinum Performance Package is a 3-phase program focused on decreasing pain, returning to dance without pain or symptoms, and maximizing your performance potential. We figure out what’s holding you back from you best dancing and give you the personalized body knowledge to get you dancing like you never have before!

Pointe Perfection

Ready for pointe work?

Our assessment looks at strength, stability and technique and guides you through a personalized program to help you safely transition to pointework.

Assessments and Coaching

AZDM is also available for one-on-one assessments and coaching to improve specific dance skills, overall technique, pre-pointe training, or choreography cleaning.

Online Consultation

Are you out of town and looking for help for your injury or want input from a dance med pro on how to improve your technique?

AZDM can help! Book an online consultation and we will listen to what’s bothering you and give you tips to point you in the right direction toward achieving your goals!

Dance Condition Workshop


Dance Conditioning Classes

Do you have strength or technique goals for your students? AZDM provides classes to improve your students’ strength and mobility to achieve their performance goals!

Our FUNCTIONAL dance conditioning classes focus on preparing your students for specific success in their chosen class or activity. Classes incorporate strengthening, stabilization, endurance, flexibility and other elements of fitness to get your students performing at their best.



AZDM treats the following conditions:

AC joint dysfunction
Acute ankle sprain
Ankle impingement
Chronic ankle instability
Frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis
Golfer’s/Tennis elbow
herniated discs
IT band syndrome

Low back pain
Osgood-Schlatter Disease
Patellofemoral dysfunction
Patellar tendonitis
Pelvic floor dysfunction
Pelvic misalignment
Plantar fasciitis
Post-surgical joint surgery
Post-surgical ligament reconstruction

Post-surgical spinal surgery
Post-partum rehabilitation
Rotator cuff dysfunction
Sacral misalignment
Shoulder dislocation/instability
SI joint dysfunction
Subscapular dysfunction