Assessing and Improving Turnout in Dancers – A Practical Approach for Instructors

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Looking for a safe way to improve your dancers’ turnout? Join Dance Medicine Specialist Alexis Sams, PT for a live session focused on assessing and improving external rotation of the hip (aka “Turnout”) in dancers. During this session you’ll learn: how to determine how much natural rotation your dancer has, how to assess the functional use and strength of the external rotators, exercises, activities and teaching tips to help your students use their rotation.



Assessing and Improving Turnout:
A practical approach for dance instructors

Assess turnout with confidence

Discover each dancers’ own restrictions

Reduce tight and painful hips

Increase working leg height

Improve flexibility AND strength of turnout

INSTRUCTORS, DIRECTORS, OWNERS !!!Want to know how whether to stretch or strengthen to increase turnout?Want to know what other things to do other than stretching?

Want dance-specific conditioning exercises to make your dancers’ turnout greater and stronger?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is the program for you!
One thing is certain…dancers, instructors, and even parents are all concerned about improving turnout.  Some want that perfect 90 degrees of rotation, others want equal rotation in both hips, others want rotation that doesn’t hurt and is easy to hold in the air.


So AZDM has created this training session to empower dance professionals with more knowledge, more skills, and more methods to make sure their dancers achieve their turnout goals.


Imagine being able to know which muscles need to be released or strengthened to maintain rotation during turns…

Imagine being able to recommend specific exercises to help your  students with “tight hips” students improve their turnout flexibility (here’s a tip…it’s not always just about stretching)…

Imagine being able to get rid of the popping and clicking sounds in the hip during kicks..


That’s what the Assessing and Improving Turnout training session will do for you.

So what makes our programs so great?


Approachable material.  We worked really hard to make our info easy to understand and follow. We didn’t want to send you home with a huge book of just words.

Instant integration.  We created our content with the goal of you applying it in your studio as soon as you get home…at your very next class, easily.

Resources. Our download also includes access to some of our favorite exercises for increasing turnout in your dancers safely.

You become one of us.  Your download subscribes you to our email list and adds you to our closed Facebook group for additional tips and event updates.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The 5-6-7-8 Method


5 Factors Contributing to Turnout

6 Methods to Assess Turnout

7 Types of Exercises to Improve Turnout
 8 AZDM’s Commitment to Progressing Exercises


( cause who doesn’t like free stuff? )

Exercise flow sheet.  Use our simple flow sheet to track your dancers’ progress with exercises.

Initial exercise programs.  Use our level one exercise program as your dancers’ first round of exercises, or as a guide to create your own program.  Pictures and descriptions included.”5-6-7-8 Method” cheat sheet.  Use our cheat sheet as a reference when you’re teaching classes.

Posture guides.  Tips for making sure your dancers maintain proper form for maximal benefit of their exercises.

(a $75 value, FREE to you!)
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