DancemedPRO Starter Kit

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Watch our “DancemedPro Starter Kit Overview” video for free!  Learn all about what’s in the kit.  




The DancemedPRO Starter Kit

Assess any dancer with confidence

Get injured dancers back on stage quickly and safely

Educate the community on dance wellness and injury prevention



Want to become a DancemedPRO and boost your knowledge and skills working with dancers? 

Not sure where to start because you haven’t worked with many dancers in the past?

Don’t have a solid dance background but you’ve been asked to treat dancers and want to do it right?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is the program for you!
More and more dancers are seeking clinical care for fast, safe, and effective care for their injuries to keep them performing their best, but many clinicians feel that they don’t have sufficient experience working with dancers to give them way they need. 

So AZDM has created this training session to empower clinicians with more knowledge, more skills, and more methods to make sure their dancers achieve their performance goals.


Imagine being able to know which muscles need to be released or strengthened to maintain rotation during turns…

Imagine being able to recommend specific exercises to help dancers perform their pointe solo, their takedown into a flare, or the floorwork section of their choreography without pain…

Imagine being able to get rid of the popping and clicking sounds in the hip during kicks..


That’s what the DancemedPRO Starter Kit training session will do for you.

(And if you don’t know what point, a takedown into a flare, or floorwork is, it’s in the kit)

So what makes our programs so great?


Approachable material.  We worked really hard to make our info easy to understand and follow. 

Instant integration.  We created our content with the goal of you applying it in your clinic immediately.

Resources. The kit includes training materials and collateral for educational events to let dancers know that you can help them. 

You become one of us.  Your download subscribes you to our email list and adds you to our closed Facebook group for additional tips, event notices, and additional trainings.

Here’s what’s in the kit:
Becoming a DancemedPro Execution Plan (pdf)
DancemedPro Starter Kit Overview (video)
The Quick Start Guide to Becoming a DancemedPRO (pdf)
Intro to Becoming a DancemedPro (video)
AZDM Top 10 Exercises for Dancers
Ebook – 5 Myths About Dance Injuries (white label)
Expert Tips from a DancemedPRO (white label ppt presentation)
Step By Step: Injury Management and Prevention (white label ppt presentation)
Functional 10 Dance Movements (white label png info card)
How Strong is Your Core? (white label png info card)
Pre-class Warm Up Exercises (white label png info card)
Tips for Managing and Preventing Dance Injuries (white label png info card)
( cause who doesn’t like free stuff? )

Intro to Dance video.  If you don’t have a strong dance background, this video shows you some basic moves and lingo so you’ll know what dancers mean when they say something like “I keep falling out of my pirouette.” or “I can’t hold my freeze as long as I used to.”

Functional Stability Assessment pics and video.  We demonstrate and explain our most used method for assessing stability in dancers. 

Single Leg Stance Assessment video.  We demonstrate and explain what to look for in single leg stance when assessing dancers. 

(a $250 value, FREE to you!)
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