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OUR GOAL: The goal of AZDM’s Pointe Readiness Assessment is to help you transition your students onto pointe safely, maximize their performance, and reduce their risk for injury.

ABOUT THE ASSESSMENT: The AZDM Pointe Readiness Assessment is composed of three sections: muscle performance, functional movement and stability, and functional performance.

The muscle performance portion assesses the strength and stability of key muscle groups required for pointe work as well as the performance of muscle groups most commonly injured by dancers when en pointe.

The functional movement and stability portion looks at how the body performs simple, dance-based positions and movements in terms of balance, strength, and coordination.

The functional performance portion is used to look at the performance of complex dance movements in terms of postural alignment, core stability and leg strength.

SCORING: A scoring method can be applied to the assessment at the studio’s request.  Scores can be used as a method to easily identify improved performance, however AZDM discourages using a “higher” score as a sole determination for pointe readiness. 

YOUR RESULTS: You will receive a composite report summaries the performance of all of your students, along with a copy of each student’s individual assessment.  You’ll also receive a selection of starter exercises to incorporate into your conditioning classes based on any common problem areas identified in your group results.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@azdancemed.com.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you use this info to determine whether your student goes on pointe?

Well that’s up to you : )

AZDM recognizes that each studio or company may consider other factors when determining pointe readiness for their students, therefore we do not make a firm determination of pointe readiness for any student who completes our assessment. Our hope is that you will use the results of your students’ assessments to assist them in a safe transition into pointe work when you deem it appropriate. That being said, we do have some reminders and recommendations to help you determine pointe readiness:

Lower scores on this assessment indicate more weakness and instability , along with decreased performance of key technical details required for successful pointe work, which may increase risk for injury on pointe.

Does AZDM have its own passing criteria?

Yes. AZDM’s minimal requirement for our assessment is that a student show sufficient performance in at least 50% of the tasks in the assessment, without compensation or pain.  We also require 100% performance of the FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENT portion. Keep in mind there still may be training and conditioning that can be done to minimize injury while transitioning to pointe work. However, you can select whatever passing criteria you deem best for your studio.

Can students be reassessed?

Yes.  We recommend students work on their revealed deficits for six to eight weeks, then return for reassessment.  Students can be reassessed at half price to determine if sufficient progress has been made for transitioning onto pointe if they were determined not ready in a previous assessment.


Would you like an individual assessment?

Book and INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT at our clinic using our online scheduling system at: https://azdancemed.setmore.com

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