Education and Community Service Dance Therapy

AZDM’s sister company AZ DancemED provides a wide variety of online courses, seminars, and workshops to make you the best dance instructor you can be!


How do I increase my dancers’ turnout?

How strong is my core?

When I should see a #DANCEMEDPRO?

How can I improve my dancers’ leaps and turns?

Do I have a knockout dance conditioning program?

Online Courses

Assessing and Improving Turnout in Dancers

Assessing and Improving Leaps and Turns in Dancers

Assessing and Improving Core Strength in Dancers

Top 10 Exercises for the Best Dance Conditioning Program

Workshops & Seminars

Determining Readiness for Pointe Work

Injury Management and Prevention

Functional Assessment for Level Advancement

and more!!!

Our professional development and coaching programs are for those who are serious about taking their assessment and teaching skills to the next level.

DanceWell Certificate

A comprehensive 2-day certification workshop for DANCE PROFESSIONALS to keep your dancers safe and healthy! Courses include: anatomy, learning theories, movement analysis, injury management and dance conditioning.

Upcoming Dates

AZ DancemED’s entry level coaching program for dance instructors.  Join networking events, monthly Q&A sessions with Dr. Alexis, an annual training bootcamp, discounts on other AZDM programs, and more!

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AZ DancemED’s premier coaching program for serious dance instructors who want to excel as master technicians.  Our Master Teacher Program includes all the benefits of the Teacher’s Club, plus weekly power calls, an annual conference, free assessments for your top students, and much more.

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