When Stretching DOESN’T Work:

AZDM’s ONLINE TRAINING for improving flexibility safely in dancers


About the Course


Do you have dancers that STRUGGLE WITH FLEXIBILITY and you don’t know how to help them?

Are your dancers LOSING CONFIDENCE because they can’t achieve the flexibility they want? Are you becoming FRUSTRATED and losing confidence because you feel like you’re not helping them?

You’ve Googled for hours, watched YouTube videos, posted for help on Facebook and tried ALL the stretching core exercises you know (because you know core strength is important) but STILL, NOTHING IS WORKING???

Are you looking for SOMETHING DIFFERENT to try from someone you TRUST to give you the RESULTS you and your dancers want?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

Join Dr. Alexis of AZ Dance Med as she teaches you the factors that could be keeping your dancer from achieving their flexibility goals, aside from the typical muscle and joint restrictions.

Learn how asking simple questions like:

Did you just get your braces tightened? Is your stomach upset? Do you get extra dizzy during turns? 

can help unlock your dancer’s bodies and increase their flexibility.  Learn common restriction patterns, easy exercises, and when to seek additional help, all to help your dancers reach their maximal flexibility potential. 

What You’ll Learn

Topics include:

The true role of the core in flexibility
How the body prioritizes flexibility
Muscle tightness v. muscle weakness
How other body systems affect flexibility

Learn to:

Release tight hamstrings
Improve backbends and splits
Release tight hips
Improve foot point…and MORE!

Who Should Attend:

Dance Instructors
Studio/Gym Owners and Directors
PTs, Chiros, Trainers

(All photos are of AZDM clients whose results were achieved with the tips and exercises you’ll learn in the webinar!)


Additional Resources

Aside from the great knowledge and resources you’ll gain from the webinar, you’ll also get access to FREEBIES!!!!

(a $200 value)

FREE access to our most popular online classes “Step-by-Step: Tips for Management and Prevention of Dance Injuries”

Downloadable PDF of our “How Strong is My Core” card

Downloadable PDF of our “Stretching Tips from a DancemedPRO” card

Downloadable PDF of our “Pre-Class Warm Up” exercise card

Downloadable PDF of our AZDM Exercise Tracking Sheet