Dance Conditioing Class

Why should I choose AZDM?

We are dancers taking care of dancers. We understand the demands of your work, your busy schedule and the stress that pain or worry causes you as you decide how to manage your injury. It is our mission to give you the most effective treatments to get you back dancing as quickly and as safely as possible.

Who would benefit most from AZDM services?

AZDM was created by dancers to address their unique health and wellness needs. We focus our care on performing artists including dancers, gymnasts, skaters, cheerleaders and martial artists. But wait! AZDM loves all athletes! Over the years we have worked with numerous sports athletes including marathon runners, swimmers, cyclists and weightlifters/crossfit athletes.

What can I expect during a session at AZDM?

You can expect fast, quick and effective treatment for dancers, by dancers. All therapy and conditioning sessions are completely one-on-one without the distractions of other patients in the clinic. All sessions are provided by licensed personnel. We focus on hands-on treatment techniques during therapy sessions, combined with functional dance conditioning exercises to help you return to dance quickly and safely. All sessions usually end with tips to help you manage your symptoms and keep you on track with your improvements between sessions. Lastly, we are always available by phone, text, or email to answer any questions or address any concerns you have while we work with you.

How long do I have to go to AZDM before I start to see results?

Many of our clients experience decreased pain or improved function during their first session. On average, most dancers visit AZDM 4-6 times before returning to dance without compensation or pain if they are injured. Dancers wanting to improve performance start seeing resulting in 6-8 conditioning sessions typically. More complicated injuries may take longer before results are achieved but it is always our goal to get you back dancing as soon as possible.

Does AZDM offer group classes or workshops?

Yes we do! Check out our Wellness Services for group class offerings or contact us with what you’re looking for and we will create a class just for your dancers!

Can AZDM come to my studio or gym?

Absolutely! Go to our Education and Community Services page for descriptions of the programs we offer. Looking for something else? We will create a custom program based on your needs. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will make it happen! AZDM offers virtual sessions for many of our services too! Contact us for details.