DancemED Level 2&3 Certification

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The FINAL LEVEL of training from AZ Dance Med to maximize your ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT skills!

Course Objectives:

  • Identify key muscle groups and actions used in the performance of common dance movements for detailed coaching and technical improvement
  • Learn detailed conditioning exercise patterns to improve performance of specific dance movements
  • Identify specific safety goals and establish return to dance standards to minimize risk for reinjury
  • Identify patterns of movement dysfunction common to dancers and conditioning exercise patterns to encourage proper movement patterns for optimal performance

Day One Courses: 

Level 1 Recap

Basic Movement Analysis

Advanced Movement Analysis

Conditioning Sets for Leaps and Turns


Day Two Courses:

Level 2 Recap

Functional Assessment in Dance:  The “5-6-7-8 Method”

Return to Dance Standards: The “5-6-7-8 Method”

Movement Dysfunctions in Dance