…with back pain, popping hips or decreased turnout overcome their pain and restrictions.

…with wrist, shoulder and neck pain and stiffness be able to partner and perform skills with stability and confidence.

…who’ve been told they have achilles tendonitis, scoliosis, one leg longer than the other, realize that these are usually able to be fixed quickly and easily.

…who struggle with flexibility, especially tight hamstrings find the cause of the tightness and guide them toward better flexibility,

often without stretching.

…who still don’t feel 100% after injury, no matter how long ago, find the problem areas that are holding them back from performing their best and fix them.

…who want higher leg extensions, higher jumps, and more turns get the results they want safely with minimal risk for injury.

…who want to be strong enough for pointework identify their area which need improvement and put them on the fast track to stronger performance to achieve their goal.


Platinum Performance

Our Platinum Performance Package is a 3-phase program focused on decreasing pain, returning to dance without pain or symptoms, and maximizing your performance potential. We figure out what’s holding you back from you best dancing and give you the personalized body knowledge to get you dancing like you never have before!

Toe2Toe Pointe Readiness Assessment

AZDM’s comprehensive assessment to determine readiness for starting pointe work.  Assessment includes muscle performance, functional movement and stability, and functional performance.  AZDM provides you with a summary report of your assessment and an initial conditioning program based on your findings to help you transition to pointe work safely.  For more information or to schedule an assessment, CLICK HERE.

Pointe Perfection

Following a pointe readiness assessment, AZDM will create a personalized program (8 sessions) to help you safely transition to pointework.

Assessments and Coaching

AZDM is also available for one-on-one assessments and coaching to improve specific dance skills, overall technique, pre-pointe training, or choreography cleaning.

Online Consultation

Are you out of town and looking for help for your injury or want input from a #DANCEMEDPRO on how to improve your technique?

AZDM can help! Schedule an ONLINE CONSULTATION and we will listen to what’s bothering you and give you tips to point you in the right direction toward achieving your goals!

How We Treat at AZDM


Treatment at AZDM is based on the concept of neuromotor control and learning. 

What does that mean?

The concept goes like this:

Sometimes in dance we force our bodies to do something that is isn’t quite ready for whether due to lack of strength, flexibility, stability, or energy. That “sometimes” can happen in a blink of an eye and be isolated to one position, one movement, or one component of a movement.

At that instantaneous moment, the body recognizes that the proper muscles aren’t sufficiently strong or stable enough to accomplish the movement, so it gets other muscles that are nearby or have a similar function to “pick up the slack” in order to still accomplish the movement.

When that happens, the weaker muscles get shut down, forcing the other muscles that are picking up the slack to become overworked.

This compensation pattern can create pain or tightness, and result in difficulty dancing or a specific body injury.

So to sum it up, we get our quick results at AZDM by:

  1. Identifying the weak muscles that should be working
  2. Identifying the muscles used for compensation
  3. Restoring the proper brain-body connection for better muscle performance, whether that’s strength or flexibility