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Dance Conditioing Class


Want to communicate better with your dancers about pain and injury and prevention?

Want to be able to break down movement better to improve your dancers’ performance?

Want to be able to treat dance injuries quickly and with confidence?

Ready to commit to a practical training program by a dance medicine specialist to get you there and grow your practice?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is the best program for you!

About the DANCEMEDPRO Training Program


The goal of the DANCEMEDPRO training program is to make you the best dance medicine specialists you can be by providing training, support, and resources based on our success at AZDM.

The program will focus on 4 main areas to 10x your skills and your business:

Functional dance assessments

Analysis of dance postures and movement patterns

Treatment of the most common dance related dysfunctions 

Functional dance conditioning

And will feature bonus training in…

Scaling your dance medicine practice and establishing yourself in the community as a DANCEMEDPRO

  So just imagine…

Imagine being able to know which muscle need to be released or strengthened to improve turns and achieve higher kicks…

Imagine being able to have an injured dancer feeling 100% and ready to perform in 24 hours…

Imagine being able to help your dancer overcome the flexibility challenges that they’ve struggled with all their dance life…



That’s what the DANCEMEDPRO training program will do for you.

Program Director

Dr. Alexis Sams, PT has over 10 years experience as a licensed physical therapist specializing in performing arts medicine. She is the owner of AZ Dance Medicine Specialists in Phoenix, AZ and works with dancers, musicians and other performance athletes across the country. Dr. Sams provides therapy services to injured dancers, training for physical therapists in the treatment of dance injuries, and training for dance instructors to improve teaching techniques and prevent dance injuries. She aims to provide enjoyable and informative educational opportunities to all members of the dance community to keep dancers healthy, safe, and performing their best.


A Note from Dr. Alexis:

Hi there!

Passionate physical therapists like yourself message me daily asking about courses to help them sharpen their skills in working with dancers and help grow their business as a dance medicine specialist.  Even those who have experience treating dancers have looked to me and the staff at AZDM to level up their practice and establish themselves as a strong practitioner in the dance medicine field. 
That’s why I created the AZDM #dancemedpro training program.
Since rebranding in 2018, AZDM has quickly become a leader in rehabilitation and education of the dance community. You’ve probably seen our social media posts – our “before/after” posts of our clients, check-ins all over the country when we travel to teach workshops at dance studios, and our client success stories – which all speak to our success in serving the community we love.  Now you have an opportunity to do the same. 

(If you want to know I little more about me and how I became a #DANCEMEDPRO, click here.)

Read This:

The #DANCEMEDPRO training program is NOT for everyone.  This program is for ambitious action takes who are ready to expand their knowledge and skills in dance medicine and immediately implement them to boost their ability to treat a community who desperately needs knowledgeable practitioners.   
If not are not able to fully commit to the training program and take advantage of all the resources to maximize your growth, DO NOT apply for this training program.

What the program includes

The program includes:

  • Access to our private #dancemedpro Facebook group that’s strictly dedicated to our program members where you can share your treatment successes, business wins, and where you can support each other as you progress through the program


  • Monthly coaching calls where you can ask questions as you implement our training, get marching orders so you can continue to grow and dominate your path to success, and hear how others in the group are doing the same


  • Quarterly masterclasses which execute the goals of the program


  • Access to our business growth resources – marketing materials, clinic forms, assessment templates, etc.


  • 15% off all AZDM products, courses, and workshops

(PS – The picture to the left is of one of our favorite clients, Brenna.  She said her right hip was stuck like that for 2 years after overstretching.  30 minutes later, the hip was almost back to normal and Brenna left her first appointment feeling great!)


So how can you take advantage of this awesome opportunity?


Apply.  Click the button below and complete our application so we can know a little more about you.  We will review and contact you about the next step if we think you’ll be a good fit.
Commit. We are looking for “A” level practitioners who are driven action takers and ready to dominate the dance medicine world.  If you aren’t’ able to commit to participating the all the aspects of the program and using all its resources, this likely isn’t the program for you, so don’t apply.
Work hard. We expect each program member to fully participate in all aspects of the program, encourage others and take advantage of all resources in order to maximize their success. 

Here’s what some of our our clients are saying about their first visit at AZDM. 
In 12 months, your clients could be saying the same about you! 
(These are from our post initial visit surveys, clients have the choice to comment anonymously.)

“AZDM is excellent at determining the root cause of our pain and/or the issues we are seeking improvement on. We always see improvement from the start to the end of a visit and walk away with easy-to-follow post-visit care instructions that are effective. We very much appreciate the treatment, care, and effectiveness of AZDM to keep our dancer injury-free!”

“I worked with Alexis AZ DanceMed for the first time yesterday and it was a revelation. It marked the first time in a long time that I felt hopeful about regaining function in my right hip joint. And I went there about my shoulder!?! With Alexis’s methods, I was amazed to see that my body can still learn new patterns. Things shifted within an hour.”

“Alexis is straight up amazing! I have been dealing with a back injury for 5 months and no one could figure out what was wrong. After going to Doctor Alexis she was able to pin point my problem and help me out immediately. I am from ABQ, NM and I would make trips just to see her. I believe in her and recommend everyone to go to her!”