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What You Will Learn


The muscles you NEED to know about for maximizing dance performance

How to choose the best conditioning exercises for your dancers

When to send a dancer to a DancemedPRO for treatment

Tips for giving better corrections during class

How to break down movement and figure out what’s not working right

Who Should Attend

Dance Instructors
Dance Studio Owners
Company Directors
Technical Directors
Artistic Directors


Seminar Schedule

Networking Breakfast: 8:00 am

Seminar Begins: 9:00 am

Lunch: 1 hour (on your own)

Seminar Ends: 5:00 pm

Breaks: 15 min, 2 per day

Course Certification

Attendees will receive certificates of completion after attending the entire workshop and passing a written exam.

DancemED Specialist Certification is granted upon completion of all DancemED certification levels. 

Registration Fee

Early Bird Registration: $495


Aside from the great knowledge and resources you’ll gain from certification, you’ll be part of the AZDM family which entitles you to perks like:

FREE access to one of our most popular online classes “Step-by-Step: Tips for Management and Prevention of Dance Injuries”

90 days FREE membership to Club DancemED, AZDM’s exclusive coaching and mentoring program

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Level One Outline

Day One

Anatomy & Kinesiology for Dance

  • Identify body structures, fundamental movements, and scientific principles of movement common to dance, regardless of style

Fundamental Movement Analysis for Dance

  • Breakdown basic and complex dance movements by structure and movement principles for improved technical execution

Day Two

Creating an Effective Conditioning Program

  • Exercises and activities to improve technical execution

Principles of Dance Conditioning

  • Considerations for exercises and activities to prepare dance movements for performance

Applying Learning Theories to Dance Class

  • Dig deeper into more methods of communication for optimal application and performance of movement patterns and exercises

Anatomy & Kinesiology THAT MATTERS

  • Zone in on common muscle dysfunctions in dance, how they present, and get tips on how to resolve them

Level Two Outline

Day One

Level One Recap

  • Review dance anatomy and kinesiology, basics of movement analysis, learning theories, principles of conditioning and basic dance conditioning exercises

Advanced Movement Analysis 

  • Learn methods to breakdown dysfunctional movement patterns for improved technical execution

Understanding Pain in Dance

  • Learn what different types of pain mean in terms of movement dysfunction and injury; learn about “good v. bad pain”

Movement Dysfunctions in Dance

  • Learn signs and symptoms of common dance “injuries,” along with common mis-diagnoses and methods for improving performance

Day Two

Day One Recap

  • Review of movement analysis techniques and movement dysfunctions, case study and demonstration, Q&A

Functional Assessment in Dance “The 5-6-7-8 Method”

  • Learn simple and effective methods for assessing of dance technique that can be used consistently to objectively identify a dancer’s readiness for skill advancement

Return to Dance Standards “The 5-6-7-8 Method”

  • Learn AZDM’s methods for determining safe return to dance and performance following injury


Course Objectives

  • Identify key muscle groups and actions used in dance for improved feedback and communication between dancers, instructors and health professionals
  • Determine appropriate activities to achieve conditioning goals and identify indicators to progress activities based on dancer performance
  • Integrate concepts of learning theory and human development into dance teaching for maximal performance
  • Analyze dysfunctional movement patterns and identify common signs and symptoms of dance injuries to resolve for optimal performance
  • Establish an effective system of  management and assessment of injuries to ensure dancers’ timely and appropriate return to dance with minimal risk for re-injury

Program Director

Dr. Alexis Sams, PT has over 10 years experience as a licensed physical therapist specializing in performing arts medicine. She is the owner of AZ Dance Medicine Specialists in Phoenix, AZ and works with dancers, musicians and other performance athletes across the country. Dr. Sams provides therapy services to injured dancers, training for physical therapists in the treatment of dance injuries, and training for dance instructors to improve teaching techniques and prevent dance injuries. She aims to provide enjoyable and informative educational opportunities to all members of the dance community to keep dancers healthy, safe, and performing their best.

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