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December 7-8, 2019
AZ Dance Medicine Specialists

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A comprehensive certification program for DANCE PROFESSIONALS to keep your dancers safe and healthy!

Dance Conditioing Class

Course Objectives

  • Identify key muscle groups and actions used in dance for improved feedback and communication between dancers, instructors and health professionals
  • Determine appropriate activities to achieve conditioning goals and identify indicators to progress activities based on dancer performance
  • Integrate concepts of learning theory and human development into dance teaching for maximal performance
  • Establish an effective system of communication and management of injuries to ensure dancers’ timely and appropriate return to dance with minimal risk for re-injury

Dr. Alexis SamsProgram Director

Dr. Alexis Sams, PT has over 10 years experience as a licensed physical therapist specializing in performing arts medicine. She is the owner of AZ Dance Medicine Specialists in Phoenix, AZ and works with dancers, musicians and other performance athletes across the country. Dr. Sams provides therapy services to injured dancers, training for physical therapists in the treatment of dance injuries, and training for dance instructors to improve teaching techniques and prevent dance injuries. She aims to provide enjoyable and informative educational opportunities to all members of the dance community to keep dancers healthy, safe, and performing their best.

What You Will Learn

Get the concepts and solutions to take your teaching skills and conditioning program to the next level and maximize your dancers’ performance.

Who Should Attend

Dance Instructors
Dance Studio Owners
Company Directors
Technical Directors
Artistic Directors

Seminar Schedule

Seminar Begins: 8:00 am
Lunch: 1 hour (on your own)
Seminar Ends: 5:00 pm
Breaks: 15 min, 2 per day

Course Certification

Attendees will be provided with individual certificates after attending both days of the program and passing a written exam provided on the second day. A studio will be provided with a certificate and display decal if a studio owner completes all program requirements.

Dance Conditioing Class

Program Outline


Anatomy, Kinesiology, and More!

  • Define anatomy and kinesiology
  • Discuss applications of anatomy and kinesiology in dance
  • Anatomy review
  • Kinesiology review
  • Physics and dance
  • Neuromotor control

Intro to Movement Analysis for Dance

  • Applications of movement analysis in dance
  • Postural analysis
  • Functional 10
  • Analyzing simple and complex movements
  • Considerations for analyzing dance movements

Principles of Dance Conditioning

  • Define fitness and conditioning
  • Applications of fitness and conditioning in dance
  • Keeping dance conditioning functional
  • Elements of a conditioning program
  • Assumptions of dance conditioning
  • Equipment/Environmental considerations


Creating An Effective Conditioning Program

  • Identifying conditioning goals
  • Using screenings to enhance your program
  • Trunk, hip, and ankle/foot series
  • Balance series
  • Rotation series
  • Applying Learning Theories to Dance Class

Applications of learning theories, learning styles and human development into dance

  • Basics of learning theories
  • Basics of learning styles
  • Basics of human development
  • Adding learning theories to your teaching
  • The importance of cueing

Managing and Preventing Dance Injuries

  • Phases of dance injuries
  • Common signs and symptoms of injury
  • When to refer for examination
  • Improving communication
  • Establishing return to dance standards

Upcoming Workshops:

December 7-8, 2019
AZ Dance Medicine Specialists

10210 N 32nd St. Ste C4   Phoenix, AZ 85028

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