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Join AZ Dance Med’s exclusive coaching, networking, and training group for DANCE INSTRUCTORS who want to level up their teaching skills and improve the management of dance related injuries


Dance Conditioing Class


Level up…

your movement analysis skills

your conditioning for your dancers

your dancers’ technique and performance

your ability to manage and prevent dance injuries


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Want to communicate better with your dancers about pain and injury and prevention?

Want to be able to give better conditioning exercises to improve your dancers’ performance?

Want to enhance your teaching skills for better class control and retention of corrections?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is the club for you!

About Club DancemED

The goal of Club DancemED is to make you the best dance instructors you can be by providing training, support, and resources based on our success at AZDM.  We are looking for ambitious instructors and studio owners who are serious about developing their skills and helping their dancers maximize their performance while preventing injuries.


Imagine being able to know which part of the pirouette needs to be worked on to turn a double into a quadruple almost instantly…

Imagine being able to know when it’s time to refer your dancer to a DANCEMEDPRO, and when they are safe to return to dance…

Imagine being able to understand your students’ different learning needs so you’re sure they understand your feedback…


That’s what being in Club DancemED will do for you.

What the program includes:


Become a member of Club DancemED and you’ll get:

Access to our private Facebook group that’s strictly dedicated to our members where you can share your student successes, brainstorm challenges, and where members can support each other as they learn and grow

Access to our private YouTube channel with video tips, exercise demonstrations and more just for Club DancemED members.  Want a demo of a specific technique or exercise?  Ask and we will record it and upload it to the channel

Monthly coaching calls where you can ask questions as you implement our training, get marching orders so you can continue to grow and dominate your path to success, and hear how others in the group are doing the same  

Quarterly master classes from Dr. Alexis on topics to boost your teaching skills

Discounts on private coaching sessions, AZDM swag, live workshops and more!


A Note from Dr. Alexis:

Hi there!

I’m Dr. Alexis Sams, the owner of AZ Dance Medicine Specialists.  Passionate dance instructors like yourself message me daily asking about courses to help them sharpen their skills in teaching dancers and preventing dance injuries.  
That’s why I created Club DancemED.
Since rebranding in 2018, AZ Dance Medicine Specialists has quickly become a leader in rehabilitation, dance wellness education, and professional development. You’ve probably seen our social media posts – our exercise tips, check-ins all over the country when we travel to teach workshops at dance studios, and our client success stories – which all speak to our success in serving the community we love. 

Now you have an opportunity to join our exclusive club and take your teaching skills to the next level!

(If you want to know I little more about me and how I became a #DANCEMEDPRO, click here.)

So how can you take advantage of this awesome opportunity?

Apply.  Click HERE to our application which we will review and contact you about the next step if we think you’ll be a good fit.

Enroll. Club DancemED requires monthly membership.  Join now for only $29.99 a month!

Commit. We are looking for “A” level instructors who are driven action takers and ready to dominate the dance world with a passion for safe and effective teaching methods and exercise.  

 Work hard. We expect each member to fully participate in all aspects of the program, encourage others and take advantage of all resources in order to maximize their success.