DancemED Certification ONLINE!




Here’s What You’ll Learn:


The muscles you NEED to know for maximizing dance performance

How to improve flexibility WITHOUT stretching

Exercises sets to improve turnout, leg extensions, leaps and turns

How to choose the best conditioning exercises for your dancers’ needs

How to break down movement and figure out what’s not working right

When to send a dancer to a DancemedPRO® for additional help


Foundational Modules

Anatomy & Kinesiology that MATTERS

  • Identify the most important body structures, fundamental movements, and movement principles that are common to dance, regardless of style

Fundamental Movement Analysis for Dance

  • Breakdown basic and complex dance movements by structure and movement principles for improved technical performance

Functional Assessment for Dance Performance

  • Learn simple and effective methods for assessing of dance technique that can be used consistently to objectively identify a dancer’s readiness for skill advancement

Functional Dance Conditioning

  • Learn the most effective dance conditioning exercises and activities, along with how to modify and progress them, to improve technical performance


Return to Dance Standards

  • Learn AZDM’s methods for determining safe return to dance and performance following injury

Understanding Pain in Dance

  • Learn how to ask better questions, understand the answers, and better understand what different types of pain mean in terms of severity and involved structures

The TRUTH Behind Common Dance “Injuries”

  • Zone in on common muscle dysfunctions in dance, how they present, and get tips on how to resolve them

Integration and Execution

  • Combine everything you’ve learned and apply it to your students

DancemedPRO Modules

Hidden Core Signs Explained

  • Learn the reasons why we call them “Hidden Signs of Core Weakness,” factors that contribute to developing them, and why they happen

When It’s NOT a Muscle Issue

  • Learn to screen for dysfunction in other body systems aside from the musculoskeletal system which may be restricting performance

Advanced Functional Assessment and Movement Analysis

  • Learn AZDM’s methods for breaking down painful or largely dysfunctional movement patterns to improve performance, along with additional positions and methods for assessment to determine readiness for skill advancement

Presenting your first Dance Medicine Workshop

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of AZDM’s system for introducing yourself to a new studio or gym and presenting your first workshop to establish a solid community presence

Bonus Video: Fundamental Dance Movements

  • Learn basic dance movements and terms for the major dance styles to increase your knowledge base and improve client rapport


DancemED Educator Certification
was created for:

Dance Instructors and Studio Owners
Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonics Instructors
Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, Athletic Trainers

DancemedPRO® Practitioner Certification
was created for:

Physical Therapists (and PTAs)
Massage Therapists



8 foundational modules

4 additional modules for DancemedPRO® Practitioner Certification


Start anytime and work at your own pace


Join Dr. Alexis during her weekly check-in sessions for 

questions, case reviews, and insights


Next session cycle starts: Monday, August 17 at 8:00pm EST
(DancemED Educator Certification only)

Certification Requirements:

DancemED Educator Certification will be granted to dance educators and fitness professionals upon passing a certification quiz with a minimum score of 70% and submission of 2 case studies implementing the skills learned from the modules.

DancemedPRO® Practitioner Certification will be granted to licenced clinicians who additionally complete the four DancemedPRO® modules, pass a certification quiz with a minimum score of 70% and submit 2 case studies that demonstrate implementation of both DancemED and DancemedPRO® skills. 



Program Fee:

DancemED Educator Certification: $595
Payment Plan: 5 monthly installments of $123.00

DancemedPRO® Practitioner Certification: $895
Payment Plan: 5 monthly installments of $183.00




Recertification is required to demonstrate continued competency in the content presented in our certification program and insure the quality of care provided by our DancemED Certified Educators (DCEs) and DancemedPROs® (DMP). 

Requirements: completion of recertification survey, submission of 2 case studies demonstrating successful application of appropriate DancemED skills

Recertification deadline: December 31 of each year following your initial year of certification

Recertification fee: $50


Frequently Asked Questions


Which program should I register for?

The DancemED Educator Certification includes the 8 foundational modules and is appropriate for dance educators and certified wellness professionals.  These groups include: dance instructors, studio owners, choreographers, technical/company directors, athletic trainers, personal trainers, strength coaches, Pilates instructors, Yoga instructors, and Gyrotonics instructors.  

The DancemedPRO® Practitioner Certification includes all the modules in the DancemED Educator Certification plus additional modules the provide an additional framework for clinical assessment and treatment of, along with performance enhancement.  This level is appropriate for licensed clinicians such as physical therapists, PT assistants, massage therapists, and chiropractors. 

All that said, AZDM cares more about you getting the tools you need to grow your skills and help the dance community the best way you can.  So if you have any questions based on your current skill level and needs, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction : ) (Email Dr. Alexis at

Do I have to attend the online meetings?

No.  They are solely for enhancing your understanding of the content in the modules.  We’re making ourselves available to answer any questions about navigating the course, understanding the content, or help applying the concepts to your dancers.  All the requirements for program certification is covered in the modules.  We just wanted to make ourselves available for extra assistance as needed. 

Online sessions will be offered periodically throughout the year.  Sessions will also be recorded and added to the DancemED Certification Facebook group that you’ll have access to upon registration, so you can watch any of the session replays at any time. 

Do I have to complete the certification by a certain date?

No.  You can work at your own pace through the entire program.  You’ll be granted certification upon completion and submission of all certification requirements. 

Do you have any payment assistance options?

Yes.  We have a no-fee payment plan that splits the program fee into 5 monthly payments.  You can select that option after clicking any of the “Start Today” links. 

Does the program focus more on ballet?

No. While some of the modules use ballet terms as a frame of reference, all of the concepts taught in the program can be applied to ANY style of dance.  If you ever have any questions about applying what you’ve learned to your dancers, you can ask for help during the weekly live sessions or by submitting a question to Dr. Alexis.  

What does “Certification” really mean for this program?

The “certification” aspect of the program is AZ Dance Med’s way of ensuring that you’ve been through all the course material and are able to apply the concepts as they were presented.  It was added as an aspect of the program, beyond a general workshop, to aid participants in satisfying continuing education credits for their professions.  The goal of our program is empower the dance community with knowledge and methods to teach and treat dancers better.  Our program does not certify for any particular occupation or provision of services. 

Is the program accredited? Can I earn CEUs?

The DancemED Certification Program  is currently in the process of receiving accreditation.  We will definitely update the site when accreditation is granted.  In the meantime, many agencies have sub-categories that will accept the certification for CEUs.  You can also call your organization and ask if they will accept the course.  Let us know if you need any additional documentation if you pursue approval and we will help you out the best way we can.  



Aside from the great knowledge and resources you’ll gain from certification, you’ll be part of the AZDM family which entitles you to perks like:

FREE access to one of our most popular online classes “Step-by-Step: Tips for Management and Prevention of Dance Injuries”

Access to our private Facebook group page to watch session replays, get more tips, and network with other group members

Discounts on other AZDM workshops, products, and digital courses

Discounts on private coaching sessions

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