Let the Good Times Roll !!

Struggling with flexibility? Hate wall splits? Arms shaking during stretch class?   I’m not a fan of any stretch that causes pain in other areas of the body, that require strength and balance to hold a position, or that results in a feeling of “disconnection” or disorientation after stretching.   One of my favorite alternatives to static stretching is rolling. [...]

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5 Safety Must-Haves for Summer Intensives and Nationals

So regional competitions are done! Spring concerts and recitals are over! Welcome to the Done Club! Now you or your dancers are off to summer training intensives and national competitions.  I'm sure you all have your hair ties, sports bras and booty shorts, but here are some must-haves to keep all you all safe this summer while you're away!   [...]

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Are Growing Pains Real?

The simple answer is: YES. I thought I'd tackle this topic since it's been popping up a lot recently with my dancers.  A good number of my preteen dancers are complaining of pain when they dance and I've been having a lot of conversations with parents on this condition and how they can help their child through their discomfort.  So [...]

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Pain is NOT the Problem!

  So you've just finished class and your foot hurts.  You're not sure what to do about it, so you "Google it" and come across the RICE principle (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate).  You do that and take a few ibuprofen because you know that reduces pain and swelling.  By class the next day your pain is gone so you go [...]

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Yes! AZDM can help you!

As AZ Dance Med continues to grow, we get a lot of messages with people wondering if we can help them with their particular situation.  (The short answer is YES!  But...)  While we will continue to answer any questions we receive about our services, we've got a list of some of the more frequent questions and situations that we get [...]

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