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Oct 28, 2021

Pain using tampons? There's a reason why...

Have you, or someone that you’ve known, ever struggled with pain or difficulty when using tampons?  

As annoying as this may be, this is actually your body’s way of trying to protect you.  Pain and difficulty with inserting tampons is often an avoidance symptom. Your body knows that it doesn’t want, or that it can’t handle, something external entering it because it’s already dealing with something. So, what could the “something” be?

Oftentimes, avoidance symptoms actually happen because of an underlying infection. 

The human body is smart. It knows that tampons are not part of our physical self. And when our bodies are already dealing with an infection, they don’t want to risk adding in another threat to deal with. So, in the presence of a foreign object attempting to enter, your body sends your brain the number one protection mechanism to avoid a potential threat...PAIN.  Most of us avoid painful situations, resulting in the body successfully helping you to avoid another potentially infectious episode.

And you’ll never guess some of the most common avoidance symptoms that are also related to an underlying infection...

Difficulty swallowing pills or capsules

Quick vomiting after eating

Heightened gag reflex

Random series of coughing or sneezing

Heavy bleeding or intense menstrual cramps during your period

Pain with sex and other vaginal pain

So, what can you do about it? 

1. Review your symptoms.  Do you have other avoidance symptoms?  History of frequent infections in the past or recently ill?  Tonsils removed (often a sign of poor infection control)?  Think about other persistent symptoms in the past, they may be whispers of an underlying infection. 

2. Know that help is available.  Talk to your health practitioner about being checked for old, underlying infections.  The infection doesn't have to be recent to still have an effect on the body.  

3. Know there are options other than prescription meds.  We work regularly with our clients to pinpoint the type and location of the infection.  Most of the time, the infection tends to be bacterial based and concentrated somewhere in the lower pelvis, like the bladder, vaginal area, or the intestines.   We use muscle testing, palpation (feeling for areas of tightness or tenderness), and thermal imaging to help figure out the location of infection.  We lean toward natural solutions to resolve whatever we find (ex: essential oils, vitamins, minerals, fish oil, supplements).  So if that sounds good to you and you or someone you know is looking for help, contact us HERE

As always, know that we can help and we are here for you. 
Our mission is to help everyone who reaches out to us live their most amazing life. 
But we can't help, if you don't let us know you need us.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Not a dancer?  No problem.  We can help you too.

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