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Get THE BEST that AZ Dance Med has to offer in studio workshops and education!!

#AZDMDROPIN Day has something for everybody and will get your studio or company on track to keep dancers safe from injury and maximize performance regardless of style, age or level.

Our 1-day studio event provide education for the entire dance community – dancers, instructors, program directors and owners, and even parents! 



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The #AZDMDROPIN 1-day event includes:

Seminar: Management and Prevention of Dance Injuries / Q&A with a DancemedPRO (60 mins, all are welcome)
Seminar: Stretching and Conditioning Tips from a DancemedPRO (60 mins, dancer session)

2 Hands-on Instructor Training Workshops (60 mins each, choose 2 topics)

2 Individual Assessment Sessions (60 mins, studio owner/director chooses recipients)

Cost: $1895 all inclusive (includes deposit, travel, admin fees, and all service fees)

*Additional individual assessments available. Session Fee: $197*



Instructor Workshops

Assessing and improving turnout 

Looking for a safe way to improve your dancers’ turnout? Using our “5-6-7-8 Method”,  you’ll learn: how to determine how much natural rotation your dancer has, how to assess the functional use and strength of the external rotators, exercises, activities and teaching tips to help your students use their rotation safely for maximal performance.

Assessing and improving leaps and turns 

We apply our same “5-6-7-8 Method” to helping you figure out what’s holding back your dancers’ leaps and turns and put them on track to improving them quickly and safely.

Assessing and improving core strength 

Over many years of training, dancers can easily develop areas of overuse and areas of weakness in the body which can affect performance and increase risk for injury.  In this seminar, we use our popular “5-6-7-8 Method” to assess the most important area of the body as it relates to dance performance.  Learn ways to assess core strength, along with exercises to increase strength for prevention of injury to all parts of the body and boost dance performance.

Functional Assessment to Maximize Dance Performance

Learn 5 simple assessments to identify areas where your dancers can improve strength, stability, or mobility for maximal performance and prevention of injury.  We also teach you some of our favorite exercises we use on our clients to improve their overall movement and function for dance!

Request a #AZDMDROPIN Day!