Dance injury not getting better after rest or exercises?

Meds not getting rid of pain or other symptoms?

Still not able to perfom 100%?

​Having difficulty with technique or not meeting your performance goals?

Schedule an AZ Dance Med Platinum Performance Session!

This is how we help:

Who do we help?
We help those who are open-minded to non-medical solutions for their problem symptoms or areas, those who are searching for the actual cause of their symptoms rather than something just to get rid of the symptom, and those who feel their concerns aren't being heard.

What do we do?

Non-medical performance enhancement and healing that covers ALL body systems, because no body system ever works alone.

When do we help? 
When you're ready to truly heal (v. managing symptoms).
When no other solutions have worked for you.

Where do we help? 
Not where you think.
Many times the solution isn't in the area or the system where your symptoms are.

Why do we help? 
We believe true healing goes beyond a diagnosis, symptom control and healing are different, and priority body systems are often overlooked (ex; lymphatic, digestive). 

How do we help? 
We help our clients by listening to their story and answering their questions, muscle testing, thermal imaging, palpation, feeling around the problem area, natural oils and supplements to stabilize body system function.

Here's what's included:

Our DancemedPRO® will clarify and assess your symptoms/problem area

Core performance assessment using our "multi-system core approach"

Fluid flow assessment for proper nutrient supply to the body which helps strength and flexibility

Thermal scan to identify and address any areas of inflammation as needed (Phoenix clinic only)

Custom exercise program based on findings

A written summary of your assessment and a recommended plan for moving forward to achieve your goals

​Sound good?  Click the link below to schedule a time!

​Sessions available at our Phoenix clinic or online.
Session time: 60 mins 
Session fee: $199.00

Definitely schedule an assessment if:

Rest hasn't helped

Meds haven't helped

Exercises or stretches haven't helped

Nothing that you've tried has helped

Schedule a Platinum Performance Assessment
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