About AZDM

About Dr. Alexis and how AZDM got started:

“I attended PT school in New York from 2005-2008, volunteering with physical therapists who worked with professional dance companies all three years as well as PTs who performed research on movement and injury incidence in dancers.

I started ANS Fitness and Physical Therapy in 2014 as a way to accept payment when dance moms would ask me to look at their kids’ injuries while I was teaching…legally. Then they started asking me to work with their kids privately, at the studio or at home. Since I worked at multiple studios, this allowed me to travel around the metro Phoenix area, working with tons of dancers.

Conditioning for Dance



Then teachers started reaching out to me looking for the best exercises for dancers or advice about guiding an injured dancer through recovery. So I started creating training programs for dance educators, combining my knowledge of dance instruction (I’m a dance teacher too, don’t think I mentioned that.) with my body and movement knowledge as a physical therapist.  In 2018 I rebranded the company from ANS Fitness and Physical Therapy to reach the community that I am passionate about helping, the community that I’ve been in and loved for over 20 years.
We now are in a 1350 sqft space that includes a treatment area and dance space where we provide movement analysis, dance coaching and educational workshops. In 2019, we also expanded and have adopted a sister company, AZ DancemED which focuses solely on education and professional development for the dance community.
Looking toward a bigger and brighter future, we are now AZ Dance Medicine Specialists. and we are here to help you dance your best yet. ”

AZDM Mission

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