Dr. Alexis Sams, PT received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Long Island University in 2008.  Combining her clinical experience with over 20 years of dance teaching and performance, she has focused her efforts on providing physical therapy services to performing artists across the country including dancers, cheerleaders, musicians, and martial artists.  Over the years, she has expanded her services to other athletes including swimmers, runners, cyclists and ball athletes, by establishing ANS Fitness and Physical Therapy in 2014.

​In addition to providing physical therapy services to injured patients, Dr. Alexis focuses on wellness and prevention of injuries. She designs custom conditioning programs for individual athletes to keep them performing their best and more comprehensive programs for performing arts companies.  She trains coaches and instructors on how to prevent and manage injuries particular to their art or sport.  She also provides wellness coaching to assist those returning to activity after injury and performs preventative screenings to determine one’s risk for injury.

Here’s what people have to say about Dr. Alexis:

“Alexis is wonderful! She helped me with ankle impingement. She knew what was going on immediately, gave me the tips I needed to fix the problem complete with what to do if I overdo it. What she provided worked immediately and I have been dancing and working out pain free for months! Why push through when you can get answers from a professional? Alexis has a giant heart and was very responsive. Thank you so much Alexis!!!”
~ Kelly K., Colorado

“I’m a full time dancer and I approached Alexis for physical therapy after I injured my ankle. She has been amazing throughout this whole recovery process. Very knowledgeable and patient; you can tell she cares and knows what she is doing! Highly recommend!!”
~ Carla C., Arizona

“I have known Alexis for several years now, first as a dance teacher and then as a physical therapist. My 14 year old is a competitive club swimmer who injured her shoulder and within one visit my daughter was already on the road to recovery. I highly recommend her!”
~ Jennifer B., Arizona

I worked with Alexis AZ DanceMed for the first time yesterday and it was a revelation. It marked the first time in a long time that I felt hopeful about regaining function in my right hip joint. And I went there about my shoulder!?! With Alexis’s methods, I was amazed to see that my body can still learn new patterns. Things shifted within an hour. On visit 3, she unlocked my iliopsoas muscle and my arabesque went up about 8 inches from where it began. Working with her, I might spare myself from the pain I’ve convinced myself is normal, and dance better, stronger, longer. I highly recommend you work with her if you need a physical therapist. As a dancer herself, she’s got you!
~ Susana K., Arizona